Tracy Storer


"Naked Ladies"
(Amaryllis Belladonna)
8" x 10" Silver contact print

After relocating to California from Boston in 1997, I've slowly returned to making personal work. Getting back into the darkroom has helped considerably, and for the first time since 1982, I'm working in my own darkroom rather than those in schools where I studied or taught.

I've got a bit of personal work going on "behind the scenes"....hope to
go public with some new work and scans of older work soon. Still experimenting with pinhole/home-made lenses/vintage glass, etc. in the large and ultra large cameras.

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This, my personal site took a backseat to my commercial site .
( for the Polaroid 20x24 Studio, visit:, I will be adding image galleries here soon. Feel free to contact me with your interests...